Vape Club Gadget Kit Review


Over the last few days I’ve been sampling one of Vape Club‘s Starter Kits; specifically, the Gadget Kit. Not long ago, I reviewed the Vape Club site and remarked mainly on the impressive range of e-liquids they had on offer. What I didn’t focus on (so much) was their e-cigarette line, which – although not as expansive – doesn’t disappoint when it comes to build quality and value for money.

In honesty, I wasn’t expecting much from Vape Club’s ‘own brand’ of e-cigs. In much the same way that when I pick up a tin of Aldi’s own brand beans I do so knowing that I’m sacrificing the familiar Heinz taste in exchange for a few saved pennies.  But, credit where credit’s due, these are some of the highest quality e-cigarettes I’ve tried in a long time. I haven’t heard any startling bubbling or unwarranted hissing, it hasn’t exploded in my mouth and I haven’t got any squirts of (apparently super toxic) e-liquid on my tongue. So somewhere in the world, I hope someone is starting a slow clap on behalf of Vape Club. I would – but, I’m presently typing.

For a suspiciously reasonable £15.99 you get yourself two e-cigarette batteries, a box of cartomisers, a car-charging adapter, a mains adapter, a USB adapter and (my personal favourite) a protective case that is actually well made. Many accessories in kits like this feel like they’ve been bought wholesale from a shady factory that makes the inserts for Christmas crackers. Vape Club’s case however, actually protects its contents, which was a very pleasant surprise.

In terms of performance, the cartomiser and quality battery combination affords Vape Club’s e-cigarettes the ability to produce a quality amount of vapour. The batteries (when mains charged) hold their own for as long as four days (after a couple of warm up charges) and all in all, I’ve yet to encounter an issue. I even tested the kit for about a week in the hopes that one of the batteries would die unexpectedly. But somehow, through what appears to be sheer witchcraft, Vape Club have created a notably high quality starter kit for less than £20 including P&P. Also, whilst on the subject of dispatch, the efficiency of the packing team is another plus point.  I ordered my kit close to 2pm and it was in my hand the following day. For something like £2, that isn’t bad going at all.

So, if you’re looking for a high quality e-cigarette solution, especially if you’re unsure if vaping will work for you, I’d recommend Vape Club as one of the top choices out there. Moreover, the gadget kit is, in my opinion, the best starter kit to go for. The protector kit offers the case, a battery and a few other extras but I’ve found that it’s the mains charger that really keeps the batteries lasting. It’s a simple, sturdy product that doesn’t mess you about and generally exceeds the expectations of its price band.

All that considered, I’m happy to give Vape Club a highly respectable 9/10 for this product.