Wayward Souls Review

wayward souls android

If you own an Android handset and following the gaming scene, you’ve no doubt heard of Wayward Souls. It’s one of the top games on iOS, and last week Rocketcat’s award-winner landed on Android. After spending some time with the game, we’re here to give you lowdown on Wayward Souls and let you know if it’s worth your time.

Wayward Souls is part RPG, part Roguelike and 100% fun. You take control of a wayward adventurer and have to trek through a series of dungeons. You’ve only got one life and permadeath is in play so death can be just around the corner in the form of a boulder-chucking bad guy or a big barrel of dynamite you accidentally set off. There are many ways to bite the dust in Wayward Souls.wayward souls android

Luckily, you can upgrade your heroes a bit between runs if you’ve earned enough loot in the dungeon. There are six characters in the game, each with their own skillset and upgrades. Boosting your skills helps, but you still have to play smart if you want to find the exit and head to the next floor. You are going to die a lot, but you’ll run right back in as Wayward Souls is an absolute blast.Screenshot_2014-07-14-21-30-28

If you like eye candy, you’ll find plenty of it in the depths of the dungeons. Wayward Souls is a gorgeous game that really takes you back to the classic RPG days. Animations abound; there are destructible objects everywhere, and the sound just adds to the atmosphere. Think a room is too bright? Just go smash the torches and stare at the remains. The amount of detail they put into the game is staggering and absolutely perfect.Screenshot_2014-07-10-18-39-16

Wayward Souls is a tough game, but it’s a roguelike that everyone can enjoy. The controls are (almost) perfect, and there’s plenty of action considering numerous monsters try to kill you in every room. The combat feels great, and you’ll feel like a winner when you clear a floor and hit the exit.wayward souls permadeath

If you dig roguelikes or action RPG’s you will not be disappointed with Wayward Souls, and you can pick it up for $4.99 on Google Play.

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