YouTube acquisition of Twitch.TV confirmed by investors


Early in May, rumors started circulating about YouTube looking to acquire Twitch.TV, in order to gain even more market share in the video streaming market and make some moves in the competitive video games market.

Twitch.TV is the closest anyone has come to a competitor against YouTube, even though the two services provide different sorts of free video streaming, other services like Vimeo and Azubu don’t even come close in terms of traffic.

This did make some question if the deal would go through, considering the anti-competitive nature of the deal. If YouTube strengthens their position in video streaming anymore, it might make it impossible for any other startup.

It also gives YouTube a large new audience of video viewers, who are interested in video games and eSports. Not only does this give YouTube better advertising choice, it also allows YouTube to potentially get involved in eSports more heavily.

Twitch.TV offers more than just eSports, we see plenty of professional streamers on the platform as well. This offers plenty of live shows when no tournaments are available and brings team personalities, alongside great solo-queue players.

YouTube stars have had little success on Twitch.TV, channels like PewDiePie and the Yogscast occasionally stream video games, mostly for live charity events, but cannot gain the same amount of views as some of these eSport tournaments, despite their biggest fan-bases on YouTube.

YouTube features like ContentID could be implemented onto Twitch.TV once the deal is official. This would make streams adhere to policies on what music can be played in the background, forcing streams to seek out non-copyright music.

Advantages on advertisement could come with the YouTube acquisition. YouTube does have a better advertising department than Twitch.TV and could look for higher-priced deals and advertisement, for tournaments and solo-streamers.