AcoustiPhase MC-1 Mini Cannon Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Review

AcoustiPhase MC-1 Mini Cannon Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Review - Featured

AcoustiPhase announced their MC-1 Mini Cannon Bluetooth Wireless Speaker back in May, and I’ve been testing it out for about a month now really enjoying it’s fantastic sound and simple to use design.


The MC-1 Mini Cannon is a solid well built speaker, weighing 360 grams and measuring approx 129mmL x 63mmW x 54mmH. To put this into perspective it has about the same footprint as my iPhone 5 and about as high as 4 or 5 of them stacked together. It comes in four colours, silver, blue, pink or black – my review unit shown is the silver version.

This tiny size makes it perfect to throw in a bag to take away with you, or simply carry from inside to outside when you want to enjoy some outdoor music. With it’s brushed aluminum finish it’s extremely stylish, so although its highly portable it will look completely at home in a more permanent position in your house.

AcoustiPhase MC-1 Mini Cannon Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Review - At Home

The MC-1 is connects wirelessly to your mobile phone, iPod or tablet via Bluetooth and then acts as an auxiliary speaker, playing your music, podcast or audio book as desired. The unit also accepts a standard headphone jack connection (one is included in the box) in the event your MP3 player doesn’t have Bluetooth.

AcoustiPhase MC-1 Mini Cannon Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Review - Outside

On the top of the MC-1 is a rotary volume control, it’s  touch control, so like the old iPod clickwheel you simply move your fingertip in a circular motion to increase or decrease the volume. There is no visual confirmation of the volume change though which is unfortunate, so its best to do it during playback. You can always adjust the volume from your mobile or MP3 player of course which is easier and more intuitive. In the middle of the touch volume control is a single button which toggles the device mute on and off.

Unlike may small Bluetooth speakers though, the Mini Cannon sounds great, thanks to its 2 X 1.77 full range speakers and the 2 X passive bass radiators which give it an unexpectedly good bass resonance from its rated output power of 2 X 2.5 Watts.

It has Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity which supports a range of up to about 10 meters, although I got slightly better than this outdoors.


The battery is a 1200mAh Li-ion polymer rechargeable unit, and rated for up to 8 hours playback depending on music volume and type.

Charging is done via the microUSB connector on the rear, meaning you can charge the MC-1 via many mobile phone chargers.

Operation and Pairing

To turn the Mini Cannon on, simply slide the switch on the side from back to front. A confirmation beep sounds and the unit is on and ready to play. In the middle of the switch is a tiny LED light which glows blue when the unit is on.

Bluetooth pairing is achieved by pressing the switch on the side all the way forward and holding it there against its spring resistance for about 8-10 seconds until you hear a double beep, and see the light flash repeatedly between blue and red. Then look on your mobile under Bluetooth devices for “Mini cannon” and connect, no PIN is required.

Phone handsfree

Suprisingly, the MC-1 is also a very capable mobile phone handsfree unit. With an in-built microphone should a call come in while you’re listening to your music you can answer it and hold the call in speakerphone mode. However, I couldn’t find any way of answering the call on the MC-1 itself, meaning you have to answer on your mobile and transfer the call to the MC-1.

There is only a single microphone, which is fine indoors but it can result in a lot of background noise if you’re outside and there is  any wind.

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