Humble SEGA Mobile Bundle is Live in the New Humble Mobile Section

Humble SEGA Bundle

If you’re a gamer, you probably love to save a couple of bucks when you can – we’re a thrifty bunch. The Humble Bundle has always  been a great way to do that, but as Tom Petty says, “waiting is the hardest part.” The wait between sales can be excruciating, but that has changed this evening with a new addition to the site and the Humble SEGA Mobile Bundle…

The Humble SEGA Mobile Bundle is the first bundle from the brand new “Mobile” section on the Humble Bundle site. That means the days of waiting are over as there will be a new mobile bundle every two weeks. We’ll wait while you compose yourself.

The SEGA bundle is a good one, and for the average price you’ll get Sonic Episode I, ChuChu Rocket! And Virtua Tennis Challenge. If you pay over the average, you will receive an additional three games with Crazy Taxi, Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing and Sonic 4 Episode II. You can expect a few more SEGA games next week as well – we have our fingers crossed for After Burner Climax.humble-sega-bundle

The Humble SEGA mobile Bundle just kicked off today so you’ve got a few weeks to grab this bundle before its history. You can choose to split your donation anyway you’d like and you’re getting a great deal on some excellent games.

Humble SEGA Bundle

Via – Android Police

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