Keep tabs on your Favorite Feline with the Pawtrack GPS Cat Tracker

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There are a lot of animal lovers in the world, and while we won’t go into the whole “Dog people vs. Cat people” debate, there are plenty of high-tech products for both species. That said, this one is for all you cat lovers out there – prepare to meet the Pawtrack GPS Cat Tracker.

As the name implies, the Pawtrack GPS Cat Tracker is a device designed for your favorite feline so you can keep tabs on them even if they don’t want you to. You know how they are. The Cat Tracker will ping your cat’s location every 10 minutes to see where they are before storing the location information on the collar. The info is automatically uploaded, but you can also access it on-demand if you want to see what your cat is up to at any given time.pawtrack cat tracker

As the Pawtrack GPS Cat Tracker is a smart gadget, it has some nifty functions including the ability to turn itself off when your cat returns home and shoot you alerts when it the GPS receives a lock on your pets coordinates. Got a lazy cat? No worries, the Pawtrack recognizes that and will act accordingly to save the battery life. The collar is also designed to be safe and will “stretch” a bit and come off if your cat gets hung up on anything.

The Pawtrack collar has an embedded antennae that uses both the GPS and Glonass satellite system to ensure it will get a lock, and the devices uses GPRS stay in touch with the server at all times so you can keep track of your cat. You’ll be able to stalk your cat on any internet enabled device and will be able to track multiple felines if you have a couple of collars.

At the time of this writing, the Pawtrack GPS Cat Tracker has raised £8,505 of their planned £15,000 goal, and there are still 18 days left of the clock. There are still spots left on the £100/$167 tier which ensures you’ll get the Pawtrack along with a 12-month subscription to the tracking service. Yup, you have to subscribe, but it comes with its own SIM card and the service will only set you back £6/$10 a month once your free time is up.ebd2eaa108ae433b0e508cc5b82ba33f_large

The Pawtrack GPS Cat Tracker will work in over 171 countries and is scheduled to roll out in November. It would make a great gift for your favorite feline or the cat lover in your live, and you can pick one up at the link below if you’re interested.

Pawtrack GPS Cat Tracker

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