Kickstarter Pick of the Week: The Slice Media Player from Five Ninjas


If you’re a media nut, you know it’s not always to get a file from the device of your choice to the TV. There are dozens of file formats out there, and it’s difficult to find a media streamer that can play them all. Well, we may have just found one on Kickstarter with the Slice media player. Say hello to streaming and goodbye to all those streaming sticks and boxes.

There are dozens of ways to get a video from your smartphone or PC to the TV these days, but some are much easier to deal with than others. Chromecast is cheap and simple to use, but extremely limited compared to full-fledged streamers… and those boxes can cost hundreds of dollars. The Slice media player falls somewhere in the middle as it’s not cheap, but can run circles around high-priced media

The Slice media player was born out of the need to have an easy to use media streamer that you could unplug and take with you wherever you roam. Whether you’re camping or at a cable-cutting friend’s house, the idea is that you can hook the box up to any screen and play your media files in an instant. The Slice manages to do this thanks to its Raspberry Pi brain and simplified XBMC interface. It also has a customizable LED ring and sleek aluminum case, because it’s cooler than the other streaming boxes.

When you want to load files onto your Slice, you simply need to hook it to your PC with a USB cable and drag the media over. The files are stored locally, so there’s no need to connect to the net, and you can play them on any TV provided it has an HDMI out, or you have a coax converter. As mentioned, the Slice media player can handle almost any format including .mp4, .avi, mpg, RealMedia, 3gp, and x264 just to name a few. Want to play QuickTime flicks or .mkv files? Not a problem, and it can even do subs.slice.kickstarter-back

There are several different models of the Slice available, including a cheaper “preview” model that comes sans hard drive, but with everything else. You can pick one of those up for £129/$214 or snag the 1TB model for £179/$296. There are a few ‘early bird’ spots left for cheaper, but you’ll want to move quickly for those.

The Slice media player is by far one of the niftiest gadgets we’ve covered this year, and it’s a media fans wet dream as it will play anything, and it’s hackable. It’s safe to say the Slice is easy on the eyes as well.

If you’re interested in the media streamer, you can hit up the link below to check out the Slice media player Kickstarter. The campaign is already in the stretch-goal phase, and the first units are expected to roll out in December.

Slice Media Streamer on Kickstarter

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