Kickstarter: Sun Strap – Solar Charger that fits any bag

sun strap solar charger

Our Kickstarter of the week this week is the Sun Strap Solar Charger – a strap you can attach to anything containing a flexible solar panel which charges an internal battery that you can use later to power your devices.

The Sun Strap solar panel contains a 1.5W flexible solar panel and has a 5600 mAh built in battery with 1A USB output. It can charge most standard mobile devices, and tablets that don’t require a larger 2A draw.

It should provide a full charge twice for most devices, more for other, for example they claim the iPhone5 can be charged 3.5 times.

On the bottom Sun Strap has the 5V/1A USB output, LED battery indicator and 5V/1A micro USB input so even if the sun isn’t out you can make sure the Sun Strap is fully charged.

The price on Kickstarter is $55 for one Sun Strap, $75 for a Sun Strap and waterproof pouch, and there are higher pledges for greater rewards. The project needs $15,000 to reach its goal and its currently at $8,448 so with 20 days to go should be on course to be funded.

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