Motorola executive confirms Moto X will receive Android L


Motorola appears quite open to the idea of upgrading their devices to the newest version of Android when available. When asked if the Moto X would receive the Android L update, executive Putin Soni replied with a simple “Yup.”

It is not a big surprise Motorola will add the new Android L software update onto the Moto X, considering the phone is only a little more than a year old. Most phones get at least 18 months of software updates, before being dropped.

Android L should be coming sometime this year, hopefully before October. Google did not announce the full name of Android L, simply offering a preview out to developers, to test the new Material Design and other features.

Even if the Moto X does get the Android L update, it might take some time for the international rollout to begin. In the UK, carriers are more welcoming when it comes to updates than in the US, where carriers like to add their own brand of bloatware.

On the counter-argument, Motorola has not been welcoming when it comes to global initiatives. It took the Moto X a little over six months before it was available in the UK, and even then we didn’t get an option to try out the Moto Maker tool and redesign the phone.

It is around the time Motorola announces their next flagship smartphone. This could come at the same event the Moto 360 is launched, the company’s new circular smartwatch and one of the favorites on Android Wear.