Samsung Wraparound Display is in the works

samsung wraparound display

Flexible displays were thought to be headed our way this year, but so far it hasn’t happened. We’ve seen a few “curved” handset, but certainly nothing groundbreaking. A Samsung wraparound display is in the works according to a new report, and it’s not the first time we’ve gotten wind of the particular rumor.

ZDNet Korea’s sources have said that Samsung is testing a new prototype device with a screen that wraps around the edges. The Samsung wraparound display would be have no bezels, but clear glass on the sides similar to a patent we saw  pop up at the end of last year. In that patent, you could see a “virtual” sliding lock button on the side, and one would assume notifications or tickers could also be made to work in that area.

If the rumor mill has taught us anything, it’s to have a salt shaker on hand at all times, but having a wraparound display seems like a logical way to go. It would be great to have a flexible display that can be bent, but not broken – we’re just not there yet. We’ve seen prototypes and concepts, but putting the tech in a commercial product, and doing it cheaply, is a different matter. A wraparound display on the other hand, is very feasible.

Unless they really surprise us with the Galaxy Note 4 next month at IFA, don’t expect to see a Samsung wraparound display from the company this year. Next year, is a different story however, as Sammy knows they need to show something unique soon.

Via – SamMobile    Source: ZDnet Korea

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