The runScribe can Crunch the Data behind your Strides

runScribe kickstarter

We’ve covered several different types of fitness trackers, but the runScribe is built with for one purpose – running. It’s a new kind of wearable, and it doesn’t even go on your wrist. It actually fits on the back of your shoe…

If you occasionally take walks at the park, the runScribe fitness tracker probably isn’t for you. It’s for runners, and it can offer up a 3D view of your run thanks to a 9-axis sensor that resides in the wearable. The sensor keeps tabs on your strides and crunches the data to help you make better decisions when you hit the track or trail.runScribe

The sensor itself is small (35x15x5mm 15g) and clips onto the back of your shoe. It comes equipped with flash memory to store your runs, and you’ll be able to upload your data to your favorite Android or iOS device through Bluetooth. It gets its power from a lithium battery, and the battery life is said to be around 30 hoursrunscribe-data

The RunScribe tracker is seeking funding on Kickstarter, and they are closing in on their goal. There are several different pledge levels available with the cheapest coming in at $99 bucks. That will get you the starter pack with limited data, but there are Run packs and Science packs if you really want to get go deep with the data. Needless to say, you’ll want to read their page carefully so you can decide which package is for you.

If you’re interested in the RunScribe, the campaign runs through September 19th, and the first units are expected to arrive in December.


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