UK Gamers Hot For Carrier Billed Transactions


A recent finding by Onebip by Neomobile, the global mobile payments service, has found that UK gamers are spending nearly double the average on their carrier billed transactions.

The data has found that UK gamers spend an average of €8.94 per microtransaction which is almost twice the global average of €4.73 according to Onebip’s mobile payment platform, with Switzerland topping the global list at €15.09!

The spend on microtransactions peaks during during the summer period with 38% of daily transactions occurring between 6pm and midnight, and tiered offers of value per spend (e.g. purchasing in-game virtual coins) seem to successfully up-sell to higher transaction values.

It seems carrier billing is fast becoming the most popular way to buy in Apps, Games and add-ons, ahead of credit cards and even PayPal.

Massimiliano Silenzi, Head of Onebip by Neomobile said:

While the maturity and penetration of mobile carrier billing varies from country to country, the overall statistics make for very interesting reading into the buying trends of gamers around the world. Gamers tend to spend using mobile payments via carrier billing consistently throughout the week and the summer period is when they spend more money than any other point in the year.

Via: Realwire

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