5 New iOS8 Keyboards To Try


One of the new features in iOS8 is the ability to load third party keyboards, and use them instead of the native Apple one. This is a significant shift for extensibility in iOS which has always restricted the level at which Apps can interact with the core OS.

How to activate new keyboards in iOS8:

  • Install the keyboard App of your choice from the list below
  • Go to system Settings > General > Keyboard
  • Select the new keyboard from the list
  • Enable ‘Allow full access’
  • The keyboard is now available system wide

The inbuilt keyboard has already had an upgrade with iOS8 introducing predictive words along the top of the keyboard for the first time, but for those wanting to try out another keyboard entirely, here are 5 keyboards you can install right now:


Swiftkey “learns your writing style to get smarter over time.” It supports tap or sliding input, and its major selling feature is it’s impressive predictive suggestions that get more accurate the more you use it. It includes it’s own sync capability, so it will mirror what it learns about your typing across devices. Swiftkey currently only comes with two themes – light and dark – but this enough to get going and more will be added over time.


>> Download SwiftKey from iTunes store


Swype claims it is the most accurate keyboard on the planet, and its certainly hugely popular on Android where its the keyboard of choice for many. Now available on iOS8 its likely to be the first installed third party keyboard for many. Sliding key entry allows many people to input words faster and easier. Swype also learns the way you type so the more you use it, the smarter it gets, it also comes with 5 themes to closely match your iPhone colour preferences.


>> Download Swype from iTunes store

Text Expander

Hugely popular productivity app on the MAC, Text Expander has its own keyboard which enables custom abbreviations to expand into long snippets of text, such as addresses, URLs, email signatures, and form letters. You can even sync your snippets via Dropbox so you have use the ones you might already have setup.


>> Download Text Expander from iTunes store


Winner of GSMA Mobile Innovation Global Award, TouchPal supports sliding input, and a long press on most keys provides an alternate character input. Choose one of the keyboard themes that matches to your iPhone colour and themes.


>> Download TouchPal from iTunes store


Fleksy uses gestures to replace some keys, like right swipe for a space, and left swipe for a delete. These gestures reduce the amount of visible keys needed, making for a cleaner larger keyboard in the same amount of space. It also had predictive words appearing just above the top row of letters.

The size and colour of the keyboard are also customisable.


>> Download Fleksy from iTunes store

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  • John

    Too little, too late, apple.

    I’ve already felt too many of the pains that come with using a mobile OS that treats users like they are children.

    Its nice that you are making iOS more and more like android every year, but its too little, too late to bring me back.