Acer’s Selfie Sombrero is the most Ridiculous Gadget you’ll ever see

acer selfie sombrero

Acer has put out some quality products over the years, including the slick Aspire laptop I’m typing this on now. They may not be the biggest name brand compared to Sammy and Sony, but they’re respected… or at least they were before they unleashed the Selfie Sombrero.

Fashion shows are known for expensive duds that most of us can’t afford and outlandish attire always makes an appearance. It’s not uncommon to see some truly bizarre creations, but Acer went to all new heights this year with a hat that takes selfies. It’s no ordinary hat though, it’s a massive pink Sombrero. If picture are worth a thousand words, this one speaks for itself…


The “couture” hat was designed by Acer UK and the designer Christian Cowan-Sanluis, and it’s likely one of the most ridiculous gadgets you’ll ever see. The Selfie Sombrero “spins” 360 degrees and actually has a damned tablet attached to it. In case you’re curious, it’s the Iconia A-1 840, and that spin allows you to snap a selfie from any angle you please.

If you’re actually enamored with the Selfie Sombrero, you better have deep pockets. The bizarre headwear will be shown off at London Fashion Week beginning tomorrow, and no pricing has been revealed. That said, you have to get a private consultation if you want one, so it won’t be cheap.

Would you ever consider buying something as ridiculous as a Selfie Sombrero?

Via: Pocket-lint

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