Amazon Fire TV Now Available In The UK

Amazon Fire TV Now Available In The UK

Back in April Amazon announced their Fire TV set top box in the US, and today they have made it available here in the UK.

The streaming / casual gaming device offers services from Netflix, Red Bull TV, YouTube, Spotify, Vimeo and their own Amazon Instant Video service, alongside some other video content. Amazon Cloud users will also be able to stream videos and photos from the Kindle Fire to the TV.

It’s available for £79 but Amazon Prime members can pick up the Fire TV for £49 until Monday (8th September) a saving of £30 although they will have to wait for the 23 October 2014 release date like everyone else.


Amazon are continuing to push for space in your home, with the Kindle Fire Tablet devices, Fire phone and Fire TV all delivering their video and music streaming services they are creating a compelling case to live in their world, and unlike most other streaming television or music providers, they have the Amazon Prime free shipping element to strengthen their offering.

Which streaming service do you use? If you already have Amazon Prime will you be picking up a Fire TV?


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