App launched to help the one fifth of Britons dealing with depression and anxiety

Stress and Anxiety Companion App - Featured

An iOS app called Stress & Anxiety Companion has been created to help the millions of Britons affected by stress, anxiety and depression. Developed by a British psychologist and patient the app is  currently in beta testing, has been used by more than 10,000 people.

Drawing on the fundamentals of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – a proven goal-orientated treatment method – the creators of the app hope it will help users dealing with these issues.

The app was created by a leading British psychologist and a former patient, and is being launched in partnership with, the UK’s most popular health and wellbeing website. A video demonstrating the benefits of the app can be viewed here:  

Digital Strategist Dan Bladon sought help for chronic anxiety he experienced after a serious sporting nerve injury. His therapist Dr. Robin Hart introduced Dan to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and after two months he was feeling much better. Almost ten years after meeting Dr. Hart, Dan owns an app development company and has been able to realise his ambition to create a way for people to manage their stress, anxiety and depression conveniently.

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