Apple Watch headed to retailers next year for $350

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Will they or won’t they? That’s been the question asked by many when it comes to whether Apple would actually release an iWatch. Well, they did and apparently nobody told Apple that round was the trend, and that’s not the only strange surprise.

Apple finally unveiled the Apple iWatch yesterday, and it’s probably a surprise to everyone as it’s not even close to any of the renders or designs that have been floating around the net. It’s a square wearable with rounded edges, and it definitely screams “Apple” when you see it. It’s also not called the iWatch, but the Apple Watch which is a little bizarre as it doesn’t quite roll off the tongue like “iWatch”

As you’d expect, many in the media have dubbed the Apple Watch the hottest upcoming gadget around. If you follow the world of wearables, you already know that’s not the case as it really doesn’t do anything Android Wear can’t do. There are a few cool tricks like the smart crown that lets you zoom in and out, but for the most part it’s just another smartwatch with a big name attached to it.

What does the Apple Watch have going for it? Well, it does have a sapphire glass display, inductive charging and several choices of bands. You can also pick it up in a couple of different sizes, and there are three collections to choose from with Watch, Watch Edition and Watch Sport. Digital Touch sound pretty nifty as Apple aficionados will no doubt enjoy having Siri on their wrist. The Apple Watch will also use a form of haptic feedback and has some creepy animated emoji to boot.iwatch-3

Fitness is also a big part of the Apple Watch, and like other wearables, it will be able to track your movements throughout the day. You can bet there will be a slew of health related apps launching alongside the Apple Watch as well. As for the specs, they let out a few details, but as it won’t arrive for a while things could likely change before primetime.

The Apple Watch is a “cool” device that Macheads should flip out over, and it will probably put up big numbers when it arrived next year. That’s right, you can’t buy the Apple Watch until “early next year” and the prices “start” at $350. That’s more expensive than the Moto 360, G Watch and presumably more expensive than the G Watch R as well. We expected a high price tag, but the Apple Watch could be an afterthought by the time it launches depending on the G Watch R and several other upcoming

This type of tech is moving fast, and what’s cool today, may be outdated 6 months from now. Should you be excited over the Apple Watch? Only if you’re a fan of the company as we just don’t consider it to be a “game changer” by any means. We’ll admit, it has some nice features, but it’s not quite what we expected out of the company’s first wearable.

What do you think about the Apple Watch, is it too cool for school or an overpriced device?

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