Archos Announce Music Beany: The Hat With Inbuilt Earphones

Archos Music Beany The Hat With Inbuilt Earphones

The Music Beany is a Bluetooth 2.0 connected beany hat, released by Archos, with inbuilt earphones giving you a fashionable, practical, way to listen to up to 8 hours of uninterrupted music.

Great for running or walking in the colder U.K. months, the Music Beany is designed to keep your ears warm while the earphones let you listen to your music wirelessly without letting in the cold air!

Charged by microUSB they have a standby time of upto 60 hours, and will be a great accessory to keep in your bag or coat during winter.

The Music Beany will be available in many colours from £29.99 in October.

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