CAT Phones unveils the rugged CAT S50 Smartphone

CAT S50 Smartphone

Caterpillar introduced a tough smartphone called the Cat B15 back in May, and today they unveiled the device in their lineup with the CAT S50 smartphone. It’s just as tough as its predecessor, but the specs are much better this time around.

The CAT S50 smartphone is bigger and bolder than the B15 in every way. The device has a 4.70-inch 720p display compared to the 4-incher found on the previous model. The processor gets a bump up to a 1.2GHz quad-core chip, but there’s not mention of the RAM. Rounding things out is 8GB of expandable internal storage and an 8MP rear camera.

A faster smartphone means little if it shatters when it hits the ground, but that’s not the case with the CAT S50. Like its predecessor, the S50 is IP67 water and dust resistant and carries the Mil Spec 810G certification. It can take drop, you can use it with wet fingers and extreme temperatures are like a nice fall day to the CAT S50.

In terms of extras, you can look forward to having access to the Cat Phones App Store which comes pre-loaded with over 1000 handpicked Android apps. The apps are said to be relevant to folks that would purchase a CAT S50, so you’re not going to find malware ridden games or apps. The S50 also has enhanced audio technology from Waves, and it will run Android KitKat 4.4 straight out of the box.

The Caterpillar CAT S50 is certainly a solid device for folks in the construction field or other areas that may put you and your handset into a precarious position. The rugged smartphone is scheduled to roll out soon in several different color schemes including Slate and Forest, and it will set you back $499.

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