House Of Marley Get Together Bluetooth Speaker Review

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I love House Of Marley products, I attended their UK launch event back in October 2011 and was immediately impressed with their concepts of blending premium products with eco-friendly materials. Every product I’ve seen of theirs has followed this idea, and their new wireless Bluetooth speaker Get Together is no exception.


The Get Together is a Bluetooth wireless speaker, made from a gorgeous natural bamboo front (derived from sources practising environmentally responsible forestry), and exclusive REWIND™ fabric cover rear – this is made of reclaimed hemp, organic cotton, and recycled plastic bottles. The bamboo front is just beautiful, and gives an amazing premium feel while the rear is a rough hard wearing fabric that makes holding the speaker comfortable and secure.

It is nice and solid and measures 12.7cm W x 40cm H x 8.3cm D and weighs around 2.7kg. It’s certainly “portable” but you’ll need a decent sized bag or rucksack to be taking it around in – a pocket speaker this isn’t, but the size allows it to use better quality audio components so I’m not complaining.

house of marley - get together - front view

On the front are the  3.5″ high-output woofers and the 1″ tweeters, which together provide great “room filling” output while making sure all the details stay crisp and clear.

The rear of the speaker continues the beautiful bamboo wood finish and provides the bass output along with the physical connectors.

house of marley - get together - rear view

The connector plate has the power connector to run the speaker and re-charge the inbuilt battery, 3.5mm input, and USB port which lets you charge your device while playing music.

All of the controls are on the top of the speaker and have a rubberised feel slightly proud of the surface so you can find them easily by feel.

house of marley - get together - control buttons

There is a power button, Bluetooth button and volume up and down buttons.  There is also an LED light which indicates when the speaker is on. Pressing and holding the Bluetooth button puts the speaker into pairing mode and the LED light flashes red and blue in rapid succession to confirm pairing is active.

Once paired go to your music playback App, select the Get Together as the audio playback device (it is usually auto-selected anyway) and away you go. If your phone or MP3 player doesn’t have Bluetooth you can always use the 3.5mm audio input on the rear, and there is a connecting cable supplied in the box.


The Get Together produces great quality sound, as you’d expect at something around this price point. The volume goes extremely loud without distortion and will easily be loud enough for most rooms, and will work extremely well outdoors as it’s portability allows for.

I tested a wide range of music, from classical (Carmina Burana – excellent for isolated vocals) to pop (Marc Ronson – Uptown Funk) to dance (David Guetta – Lovers on the Sun) and of course some reggae via Bob Marley. All sounded extremely clear, with good representation of range. Possibly the weakest element is the bass, which exits from the rear of the speaker – placing it about 6 inches in front of a wall or cabinet helped, but really this is about the only criticism I can find of this fantastic sounding system…


This really is a high class speaker, and if you want something you can take on picnics and camping while bringing some seriously good sound with you – look no further. Further, I really like the idea of contributing to an earth friendly company committed to using recycled materials – so its an even easier decision!

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