Kickstarter Pick of the Week: The Notion Sensor

notion sensor

We recently talked about Tilt My Blinds, a gadget that automates your blinds on the cheap. Today, we’re going to take a look at another home automation gadget called the Notion Sensor, and it’s definitely a product you’re going to want to look into if you want to keep tabs on your home.

The Notion Sensor is a sensor setup for you home that can tell you when a door has been opened or if you’ve left a window ajar. It’s all connected to the net, so you can keep track of what’s going on while you’re away. Doesn’t sound exciting does it? Well, that’s just a small sampling of what Notion can really do…sensor

Notion’s multi-function sensors are unique as they can do several different things at once. Each senor includes an accelerometer, ambient light sensor, gyroscope, temperature sensor, proximity sensor, water leak probes, and a piezoelectric transducer. The sensors allow you to do some miraculous things aside from checking on doors or windows. You can tell how much propane you’ve got left in a tank, if your AC is on the fritz or catch a water leak before it gets out of hand. Definitely not your typical set of motion sensors.

The Notion Sensor will definitely keep you in the loop on damn near anything in your home, and the price is pretty nice for what it offers. Single hub/sensor packages are currently $99 (early bird), and you can get the full kit with a hub and 10 sensors for $439. They have already hit their funding goal, and barring any setbacks the Notion Sensors will be ready to roll out in July of 2015.notion-sensor

If you travel a lot, own rental property or have a vacation home, the Notion Sensor would be a great way to keep track of things remotely. If you’re interested in learning more about the project or want to show it some funding love, just hit up the link below.

Notion Sensor on Kickstarter

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