LG G Watch R is rumored for an October 14th release


At the end of last month, we told you about the LG G Watch R and how it was headed to IFA 2014 in Berlin. Well, IFA is well underway and we’re starting to hear a few more details about the circular smartwatch known as the G Watch R.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the LG G Watch R will hit the streets on October 14th although we don’t know which regions will receive the wearable first. We’re assuming the states and the UK will be on the list, and will be utterly disappointed if the rollout starts in LG’s homeland. Stranger things have happened.

The report goes on to say the LG G Watch R will have a price tag higher than $230, which was the original price tag of the G Watch. It’s obviously going to be going head-to-head with the Moto 360, a device that still doesn’t have an official release date but is expect to be around $250.

As it stands and based of the specs, the high-end smartwatch race is going to come down to three players this holiday season – Motorola, LG and Apple. The Gear S is nice, but we expect it to be more expensive than the G Watch R and 360. With Apple, it really doesn’t matter how much the iWatch costs, people are going to buy it in droves.

Which smartwatch do you think will be the big seller this year?

Via – Wall Street Journal

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