Pebble and Pebble Steel Come To O2 In October


O2 have confirmed that the Kickstarter phenomenon, the Pebble smartwatch, is coming to them in October.

Both the Pebble and Pebble Steel will be available from O2 stores and their website, including a cherry red version that’s exclusive to the network.

I purchased and reviewed the Pebble when I received it, and still a year and a half later its still one of the only smartwatches that can manage a sustained battery life of a week. Sure, newer watches, including the recently announced Apple Watch have more features boasting colour screens, integrated microphones for voice messages and even calling, but they all lead to compromises in either size, weight or battery life. Additionally the Pebble remains the only smartwatch currently available that works with the iPhone – until Q1 2015 at least!

The Pebble App Store brought significant improvements in functionality allowing third party Apps like Runkeeper, Yelp and Twitter to function with the phone.

O2 will be the first UK network to offer the smartwatch, despite earlier rivals like the Samsung Gear and Sony Smartwatch being available for some time.


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