Radmo – A New Mobile Phone Mount For Your Car Using Your CD Player

radmo car mount for mobile phones featured

With the advent of driving laws preventing drivers from holding their mobile phones, the car mount business is booming. The vast majority of these mounts are mounted to the car windscreen with a suction cup, or require complicated clips to attach them to the dash or an air vent.

But if your car has a CD player in the dash, typically at a convenient height, Radmo has another solution available for you.

The Indiegogo campaign is offering a new concept, a mount that slides into the CD loader and holds the phone in adjustable clamps.

radmo car mount for mobile phones

The holder slides into the CD slot, not far enough to activate the loading mechanism but enough to form a stable platform for the arms. They adjust in and out to accommodate phones of various widths and can hold phones of up to 340g in weight. There is a larger metal based one for small tablets. There is even a twin mount for holding two phones at the same time.

The prices are good too, the regular Radmo is just $20, Radmo Tablet is $25 and the Radmo Twin is $30 – all prices include free international shipping.

>> Check out Radmo in Indiegogo here.

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