Sony PlayStation TV hits the US on October 14th for $99

PlayStation TV

A lot of gamers are enjoying the PlayStation 4, but for some the price is still a bit too expensive. Don’t expect a significant Ps4 price cut anytime soon. If you still want to game out with some killer PlayStation titles, the Sony PlayStation TV looks to be a good way to go, and today we learned when it will arrive in the US.

The Sony PlayStation TV will go on sale in the US on October 14th with the base model priced at $99. The set-top box allows gamers to play a variety of titles from the PlayStation catalogue including games from the PS One, PS Vita and PSP. You’ll also be able to stream PlayStation 3 games via PlayStation Now, and Ps4 owners can utilize the Remote Play function with the PSTV to stream Ps4 games to a system in another room. It’s exciting, but you won’t be able to just fire up any game you choose.


The system will be able to play Vita games through a game card or via download while PS One and PSP games can be digitally downloaded. PS3 streaming may not be available at launch either as the PlayStation Now service only recently went into Beta. As for the games, there are said to be around 700 at launch in the US and Canada including games like Metal Gear Solid, Killzone: Mercenary, Spelunky, and Rayman Origins. Sony said the lineup will continue to expand over time and mentioned Minecraft along with Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom which is slated to arrive in November.

As mentioned, the Sony PlayStation will be available on October 14th, and the $99.99 will get you the set-top box. For $139.99, you’ll get the box, a Dualshock 3 controller, The LEGO Movie video game and an 8GB memory card. Walmart will offer up the same $139 bundle with the added bonus of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.

Are you planning on picking up the PlayStation TV or are you just waiting for the eventual Ps4 price drop?

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