The Baidu Eye is a unique take on Google Glass

Baidu Eye

Google Glass is the hi-tech headset everyone wanted to try out after it was first announced. Google has taken their sweet time bringing the headset to the masses, and while we still don’t have a release date, we do have similar gadget in the works called the Baidu Eye.

Baidu may not be a familiar name in the west, but the company has been going strong in China for years. While all the big brands were showing off their flagships at IFA, the Baidu Eye was unveiled and it’s an interesting take on the whole Google Glass concept. The Baidu Eye is only similar to Glass in how it functions, but as you can see from the photos, they look nothing alike. The Eye actually sits on the back of your head and rests on top of your ears like you’re wearing a pair of sunglasses eye

One earpiece houses a tiny camera while the other has an earpiece for audio. To say it looks a little unusual would be an understatement. When synced to your smartphone, the gadget can take photos and use audio cues to recognize objects and items you are looking at. It supports a few gestures as well, so you’ll be able to circle things mid-air with your finger and expand to zoom. The company went this route over using a display as its more energy efficient and easier on your eyeballs. Both are important factors, but the Baidu Eye is said to go for around 2 hours while the Glass comes in at aroun 40-50 minutes.

There’s no price or release date given for the gadget unfortunately as it’s still in the prototype phase. The Baidu Eye may not be in the same class as Google Glass at the moment, but it’s nice to see other companies diving into this type of wearable tech.

Is the Baidu Eye something you’d be interested in?


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