The PLAYBULB is a Smartphone controlled LED Candle


If you’re looking for creative lighting of the LED variety, there are plenty of options to choose from. Kickstarter is a great place to find new LED projects, and an interesting one has caught our eye by the name of PLAYBULB.

The PLAYBULB is a LED candle of sorts, but in place of your typical flame, you’ll find an LED bulb. It may not sound impressive at first, but the magic happens when you pair the bulb with your smartphone via the PLAYBULB X app. Yup, it’s a “smart candle” and it has a few cool tricks up its plastic sleeves.playbulb-candle

The PLAYBULB X app allows you to change the colors with the press of a button or the shake of your device. You can also group several PLAYBULB LED candles together and control them in a group although five is the number they recommend you use. The coolest feature is one of the simplest though as you can “blow” the PLAYBULB out like a regular candle. You can also blow it back on which is something you can’t do with a wax and wick stick.

The PLAYBULB smart candle will work with Android and iOS devices, but can work without one although you’ll be limited with what you can do. It’s a smart device after all. The project is live on Kickstarter, and they’ve annihilated their original funding goal of $5,000 by amassing around $98,326 at the time of this writing. This one will see primetime barring any unforeseen setbacks, and it’s not a gadget that will break the bank.playbulb

If you want to pick up a PLAYBULB, the cheapest available option is $14 and those are scheduled to roll out next month. You can snag two of them for $23, and there are several other pledge tiers available. It may not be the most high-tech gadget around, but the PLAYBULB looks to be a great way to add a little interactive lighting to your home.


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