Tilt My Blinds brings Automation to any Standard Blind

tilt my blind

You can “connect” your home in many different ways, and there are numerous gadgets for every area of your abode. When you think smart home, you probably don’t think of your blinds, but that’ll change once you get a look at a new project on Kickstarter called Tilt My Blinds.

Automated blinds aren’t cheap, but Tilt My Blinds lightens the load by offering a way to smarten up your blinds without spending hundreds of dollars. The contraption works with the 2-inch slatted blinds that are found in most homes, and it is discreet as it fits into your blind tray. No tools are required, so it’s a gadget that any should be able to install in a matter of minutes.


Tilt My Blinds can be controlled with your smartphone or with a stick-on wireless wall switch accessory. It’s smart, so you can program what time you want the blinds to open or close, and it even has a light sensor built-in to the motor. The motor itself charges with the Tilt Solar Panel or with an included cord and USB charger. The Tilt app will be compatible with most Android and iOS devices, and the Apple Watch was mentioned as a possibility in the future as well.


The Tilt My Blinds Kickstarter has just gotten underway and they’re already halfway to their funding goal. The first batch of ‘Early Birds’ are gone, so you will want to act quickly if you want in on the initial production run scheduled to arrive in February 2015. At the moment, available packages range from $60 for a single blind set to $599 for eight sets and some other goodies. As always, hit up the link below if you want to learn more about the project.


Tilt My Blinds Kickstarter