Archos set to roll out $29 Archos VR Glasses next month

ARCHOS VR Glasses 1

The Samsung Gear VR isn’t out yet, and we’ve already seen a competitor with a VR headset in the works. Another unlikely one came forth today in Archos. Yup, Archos is getting into the VR game, and the Archos VR Glasses will only set you back $29 bucks. Interested?

Archos put out a press release today to announce the upcoming Archos VR Glasses, while most of us sat around scratching our heads wondering when Archos decided to get into the mobile VR game. Their glasses are setup like Sammy’s Gear VR, but with a catch… they will work with damn near any smartphone and aren’t just limited to the Android platform.

The Archos VR Glasses are said to be compatible with over 100 VR applications, and it will work with smartphones up to 6-inches regardless of whether they are Android, Windows or iOS handsets. It sounds like it will work with anything,  but the “optimum” requirements for an immersive experience are listed as a quad-core SoC with at least a 5-inch FHD display. Not a problem for most folks, especially if you’ve bought a flagship in the past couple of years.

Archos has put out some interesting product over the years, but the Archos VR Glasses take the cake as it was the last thing we saw coming. We still don’t know much about the setup as a whole, but they did mention an Archos Bluetooth controller as an accessory. If you’re intrigued by the Archos VR Glasses, you won’t have to wait long to pick up a pair as they are scheduled to arrive in November. Guess what’s going to be on a lot of Christmas lists this year?

>> ARCHOS VR Glasses will be available in November, starting at £24.99 from

via – Android Central   Source: Archos

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