Google Glass gets subtitles with Captioning on Glass App

captioning on glass app

We cover a lot of cool tech, and while we’re still not sure if Google Glass is “cool” or not yet, it just got an amazing app that’s going to be a game changer for some. It’s called the Captioning on Glass app, and it’s one of the first apps that gives us a glimpse of how useful Google Glass could be.

The Captioning on Glass app was created by a group of researchers at Georgia Tech, and as its name implies, it can add captioning to the glass. In order to use Captioning on Glass app, you’ll have to sync up to your smartphone, but once you do the magic begins. The app will convert speech to text as you hear it and project it on glass, with the only drawback being that someone will have to talk into a smartphone for the app to transcode their speech. Glass has a built-in mic, but it’s for the user which is where the tethered smartphone app comes into play on the other end.

While the tech isn’t perfect in terms of letting you carry on a speedy conversation with someone that has hearing issues, it’s a step in the right direction. The Captioning on Glass app will definitely be useful, and as it’s an app, one would assume it could be made to work on different or standalone devices in the future. Google Glass may not be out yet, but it won’t be something everyone can afford when it does arrive. Putting the Caption on Glass app into a cheaper device specifically for the hearing impaired could really open things up for a whole lot of people.

We may not have a true ‘Universal Translator’ yet, but it’s on the way and apps like Caption on Glass really open your eye to what could be possible with the new tech. The price tag may potentially keep a lot of folks away from Glass at first, but as with all new tech, you can expect the price to drop yearly or with each new generation of Glass.

What do you think about the Caption on Glass app and the possibilities it brings to the table?

via – Escapist Magazine   Source: George Tech

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