Google Releases New Hangouts App for Windows

Google Releases New Hangouts App for Windows Featured

Google has released a new Hangouts App for both Windows and Chrome OS, with Mac and Linux versions planned for release soon.

The new App replaced the old Chrome browser extension and lets you stay connected with friends no matter what device they’re on.

The new App runs in the background and notifies you of new messages and incoming calls with animated notifications. It intelligently disappears when not in use, and automatically reappears when you receive a new chat or call notification. Launch Hangouts from the Start menu, have it pinned on your taskbar and switch apps using Alt+Tab.

There are reports of some initial issues with the App however such as the lack of notification sounds, and some display issues on certain higher resolutions or zoom levels over 100% with the App being scrambled, and occasionally being locked behind an existing window. Expect updates soon from Google as they work on and resolve these.

Check out more details on the Google video overview below:

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