Griffin iPhone6 Reveal Case Review

Griffin iPhone6 Reveal Case Review - featured

It was a couple of weeks ago that Griffin announced their new range of cases for the iPhone6 and iPhone 6Plus, and I was immediately interested in their updated Reveal Case, which is a beautifully designed, minimalist case, that also offers great protection.

Griffin iPhone6 Reveal Case Review - case only standing view


The Case

The case offers full rear protection with an entirely transparent polycarbonate back, showing off your new iPhone rear, and the sides offer rubber edges that protect the new iPhone 6 curves, and provide better grip for when holding the phone. It’s extremely thin and adds just 1.6 mm in thickness to your iPhone 6.

All four corners are well protected, which is good as landing on its corner is the most dangerous type of drop you can have with your phone.

Griffin iPhone6 Reveal Case Review - rear view

The sides provide the colour elements to the case, making it more individual, and are available in black, white or hot pink. The sides protrude up above the level of the glass display so that if you place your phone face down, the screen is clear of the surface you’re resting it on.

Griffin iPhone6 Reveal Case Review - front view

The only drawback to these raised side edges is that it makes gestures where you swipe in the from the sides of the phone slightly more difficult, but after a few days usage this was no longer an issue as you just learn to slide in from the inside lip of the case and iOS picks up the gesture command just fine.

The case has excellent cut-outs all around for buttons and the lightning connector and headphone jack. There is also a nice grill on the bottom for the speaker. The cut-outs are well spaced and of good size – for example any third party headphone connectors have wider plastic surrounding the jack than the Apple ones, and many case manufacturers get caught out making the cut-out too small – and customers find they can’t connect their headphones properly!

This is not the case with Griffin who have a long history of producing Apple certified accessories, going back to the first iPod in 2003.


Overall the Reveal case is excellent for protecting your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus without ruining its sleek lines. It makes holding and using this new larger phone much easier, and reduces the risk of it slipping out of your hand. I love the combination of protection and size which still leaves you feeling you have a thin elegant phone in your hand.

If you’re after something with greater protection try the Griffin Survivor range that also protects the screen and has sealed ports keep out windblown rain, sand, and dust.

>> The Griffin Reveal case costs just £14.99 and is available online from or Amazon UK

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