iPhone 6 Plus Hotter Than The 6 In China


It was only at the end of September that Apple reached an agreement to be able to sell it’s iPhone handsets in China, pre-orders for both the iPhone6 and iPhone6 PLus don’t go live for a further 4 days (10th October) and yet “Reservations” for the devices via the mobile operators already exceed 4 million handsets, according to Chinese online publication Tencent, with 1 million reserved in the first 6 hours!

apple iPhone 6

The split between devices is also interesting. While in Europe and North America the iPhone 6 Plus is considered by many to be too large, and the 4.7″ iPhone 6 is the more popular model, in Asia where larger handsets are ‘the norm’ Apple could be about to take a massive bite out of large screen’d device sales.

At the time of press Tencent says the reservations for the iPhone6 number 1,106,379 units, and the iPhone 6 Plus is 1,189,083 about 80k more. Obviously reservations don’t mean sales, but it starting to indicate the iPhone will be a major success in China, with the official Apple Store pre-orders page still not even live yet.

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