Over Half Of The UK ‘Rarely’ Or ‘Never’ Use Their Home Phone

Over half of the UK ‘rarely’ or ‘never’ use their home phone

Research commissioned by Relish yesterday revealed that much of the UK is paying for a home phone-line they don’t need or want. The research, sampling 2000 UK adults who have a landline between 6-10th October 2014, highlights that half of UK resident don’t even know how much they pay for their home phone and over a third purposely ignore it when it rings.

Many people now rely on their mobiles for their communications requirements, and with most mobile contracts offering huge numbers of free minutes or texts, its clear that there is a huge shift away from traditional voice calls to more sophisticated instant messaging or video chats, all conducted over mobile data or home broadband.

The study highlighted some alarming trends:

  • One in four Brits don’t even know their own home phone number
  • Over half of Brits only keep their home phone so they can access the internet
  • Over half of the UK ‘rarely’ or ‘never’ use their home phone to make calls
  • Three in four adults admit that landlines are a thing of the past
  • Nearly half don’t even know how much they’re paying for their landline

The majority of home-owners seem to have a land-line installed as it is a requirement for their broadband connection, people in Virgin Media areas, which is delivered over a dedicated cable network rather than the phone-line, often skip the option for a home phone altogether.

Image via: commons.wikimedia.org

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