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Sunset Overdrive is one of the most-anticipated games set for release this month. It is a game by Insomniac Games and Microsoft Studios that will be available on Xbox One. It is an open world, third-person shooter type of game that attempts to blend next-gen graphics with next-gen gameplay. Sunset Overdrive has an M rating for Blood and Gore, Drug Reference, Sexual Themes, Strong Language, and Violence.

The videogame is set in the near future, in the year 2027 to be exact. By this time, the citizens of Sunset City have started mutating after overdosing on an energy drink called OverCharge Delirium XT, produced by a fictional company called FizzCo. Now, the untainted humans are set against their overdosed counterparts, who are wrecking havoc on the city.

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The game is played by controlling a customizable FizzCo employee to fight the mutant humans while travelling through the city. The avatar is fully customizable—from skin color to T-shirt design and even the option to turn into a panda. Clothing is unisex and inspiration is taken from different cultures, giving players a dizzying amount of options. In this virtual world, the players can be whoever and whatever they want to be at the end of the world.

Players are given a large weapon arsenal that can carry up to eight weapons at one time. These include the game’s standard AK-Fuckyouup and the TNTeddy grenade launcher. Weapons are quite unconventional; they include a gun that fires bowling balls, vinyl records that slice at the enemies, and model helicopters strapped with guns. These weapons run out of ammunition eventually but they do not need to be reloaded while in use. Weapons are accessed either by buying them in in-game stores or by unlocking them in the course of the game. These weapons can be upgraded by applying Amps and, like the avatars, weapons are fully customizable.

Another element is its focus on agility and speed. Players are not allowed to simply run or take cover. Navigating through the fictional Sunset City is done by wall-running or ziplines and grind rails. There is even a Style Meter for measuring players’ moves while going through the city. Points are earned for cool moves like headshots or bouncing on umbrellas. While new players will be tempted to stand their ground or stay down while fighting the mutants, doing so will get them swarmed. Sunset Overdrive wants you to move, move, move while getting rid of the OD’d. In this game, it’s not only about how well you shoot but how suave you are as you do it.

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While the main antagonists are the OD’d, there are other beasts set up to add to the experience. There are also allies and bonuses scattered as part of the gameplay. There are also short side quests or missions that can be accessed by going to various parts of the city.

Despite its dark, apocalyptic nature, Sunset Overdrive has a surprisingly light tone. Its color scheme is not the usual palette of blacks and browns. Instead, the game uses bright and vibrant colors that are visually-pleasing.

In terms of graphics, the developers showed their ambition through an attempt to use next-gen graphics with next-gen gameplay but it proves that to have one, one must compromise the other. It features a 900p resolution and 30 frames per second frame rate, making it one of the most graphically advanced videogames. The gameplay is a little too complex to handle this resolution, though, and as a result the graphics quality suffers.

The light feel that the visuals have is consistent throughout the gaming experience. There is a comical tone that constantly breaks the 4th wall. It even contains an in-game message asking game reviewers to not use the term “Sunset overhype” when reviewing; this is just a taste of the game’s humorous, self-aware and quirky vibe. It addresses the player in a comical way, talking about video game tropes as the player goes through the game. It even comments on videogame scenarios that the player might be expecting as s/he plays.

The soundtrack is also good. It is a punk/rock combination that is enjoyable and consistent with the game’s feel.

There is an option to play in a multiplayer mode called Chaos Squad. Along with seven other players, you are tasked to go through small missions. These prepare you for a night-time siege against various antagonists.

The game’s look and feel is pretty much reminiscent of other games such as Jet Set Radio, Ratchet and Clank, and Dead Rising. But this doesn’t make the game redundant or boring—in fact, it combines the best of these games, resulting in a game that is as fresh and wacky as its developers planned.

Sunset Overdrive is in a class of its own. It “rewrites the rules” for traditional shooters, according to its creators, Microsoft and Insomniac Games. Its vibrant, quirky nature reflects the branding of its creators. All in all it succeeds in giving players a classic with a twist; an experience with eye-catching colours and thrilling game-play that will keep the player busy for hours.

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Sunset Overdrive is available October 31st and you can pre-purchase on Xbox Live for £44.99 for digital download or physically from Amazon for £39.85.

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