The Oppo N3 and its Motorized Camera is Official

Oppo R5

We’ve already told you about the world’s thinnest smartphone that was unveiled earlier today with the Oppo R5. As slick as it is, it’s not the company’s flagship… that would be the Oppo N3. Oppo isn’t great when it comes to naming phones but they can make a great handset, and we think you’ll be impressed with latest device in their arsenal.

The Oppo N3 is a beastly device, but before we look at what’s under the hood we’re going to talk about the design. The first thing you’ll noticed is the 16MP lens. It’s motorized, and can rotate up to 206° degrees so you’ll be able to capture some crazy shots. Did we mention you can control the camera with on-screen gestures or the O-Click remote?

Continuing with the features, the Oppo N3 has a fingerprint scanner and something called Skyline Notification 2.0, which is a cool double-sided notification light. The device will also have VOOC rapid charging technology. This will allow you to get 75% of your battery back from a 30-minute charge while a 5-minute charge will give you enough juice for a 2-hour call.


As for the Oppo N3 specs, you’re looking at a 5.5-inch FHD display, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of expandable storage, and a 2.3GHz Snapdragon 801 processor. The device is powered by a 3,000mAh battery with rapid charge, and you’ll even get dual-SIM functionality of you want to travel the globe. All the usual connectivity options are present, and it’s got that fancy 16MP motorized camera that can do 4K video. The Oppo N3 will run ColorOS 2.0, a forked version of KitKat.

As cool as the device Oppo N3 is, it’s a little bit disappointing in the specs department when compared to other handsets in its range. The Droid Turbo, Galaxy Note 4, and Nexus 6 all best it in terms of specs although it has plenty of power to run anything you’d throw at it. That said, the off-contract priced is $649 so it’s priced with the big boys.

Are the Oppo N3’s features enough to make you give it a shot over device’s with newer specs?

Oppo N3

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