The Talkase gives you a Backup Handset for your iPhone


We’ve seen a lot of smartphone accessories come and go on Kickstarter, but it’s safe to say we’ve never covered an accessory that’s actually a cellphone. Until now that is, as the Talkase is a new mobile accessory that gives you a backup handset.

The Talkase is essentially a mini GSM mobile phone that can be used solo or through your full-sized device with the magic of Bluetooth. The mini handset is around the size of a credit card, and has a minimal display to go along with a set of buttons and a slot for a SIM card. There’s not much to it, and there doesn’t need to be as it’s meant to be a backup, not a daily driver.


One of the things that makes the Talkase unique is the way it’s designed. There’s a Talkase “case” that clips onto your iPhone and holds the Talkase inside. It can also hold a few credit cards, a micro SIM card and a removal tool. Again, it’s nothing fancy, but it is certainly functional. At this time, the Talkase is only available for the iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 plus so Android and Windows Phone users are out of luck.


Talkase is live on Kickstarter, and there are around 28 days left in its campaign at the time of this writing. The folks at WirelessMe are looking for $60,000 in funding to bring the project to life, and you can snag a Talkase for as little as $25 bucks on the Early Bird tier.

Talkase on Kickstarter

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