The Top 5 Kickstarter UK Tech Projects‏ For October

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Here is a list of current UK Kickstarter tech projects that are live right now in October, and still available to back and get on board with. To date Kickstarter has over $1.3 billion pledged by more than 7.1 million people and was quoted by Tim O’Reilly as “the most important tech company since Facebook”

5 Axis Maker

The 5 Axis Maker is a sophisticated but affordable desktop tool which will allow the production of complicated 3D models in a variety of different materials.

A number of tools can be added to the machine, allowing exhaustive creative possibilities using computer software and setting it apart from similar technologies. The 5 Axis Maker includes a CNC mill, touch-probe, 3D printer and a wire cutter and has the potential for further add-ons.

>> 5 Axis Maker on Kickstarter

The AR Pinboard

The AR Pinboard has the potential to revolutionise work and home life. It’s the first piece of software to allow users to attach virtual pinboards to physical surfaces in the real world around them, which can then be viewed and shared using augmented reality on smartphones, tablets and smartglasses.

The app uses an engine called ‘Owl Engine’ which is the result of over two years of research and development in the fields of computer vision and image processing. With support from the highly respected productivity consultant and author of ‘Getting Things Done’, David Allen, it looks as though the AR Pinboard will be a must-have app in the near future.

The creator, Manchester-based Martin Tosas, is looking for more high profile investors to reach his goal and turn his dream into reality.

>> The AR Pinboard on Kickstarter


Connect is an app which allows you to share your location with contacts by integrating and utilising current social media platforms. You will be able to see where exactly your contacts are as they check in on Connect and you can then get in touch with them through social media.

Promoting physical meet-ups in a digital age where they are becoming more and more scarce, Connect will act as a facilitator for your social life.

>> Connect on Kickstarter


The PitPat is a fantastic example of the good application of modern electronics. The dog’s activities can be monitored, goals can be set and progress tracked using an accelerometer which transmits data from the dog’s collar via Bluetooth.

It’s a concept which sounds familiar, but it’s now been rebuilt, repackaged and presented for dog owners.

>> PitPat on Kickstarter

Apocalypse Survival Training

Apocalypse Survival Training is an audio adventure in which you fight for your life after surviving an initial assault on planet earth. 37 episodes of 30 minute length are set to be created, promising full-body workouts and a storyline great enough to take your mind off the physical pain.

It’s an original and simple idea that doesn’t require any sort of cutting edge technology, but could be a breakthrough in the way that we approach exercise.

>> Apocalypse Survival Training on Kickstarter

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