Amazon set to roll out Free Video Streaming Service Next Year


Amazon has gained a lot of customers through Amazon Prime, and one of the perks aside from free shipping is getting access to Amazon Prime Videos. You only get the service if you are a Prime member, but that may soon chance as a new free video streaming service is set to debut next year… with ads.

Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime are three of the biggest streaming services around, and Amazon is the only one that will set you back $99 bucks. Netflix has the biggest user base and catalog, but Amazon has made strides with their big HBO deal and original series lineup as well. The new service will be another feather in their steaming cap, and you can bet the farm they have Netflix in their sights.

The New York Post is reporting that a free ad-supported Amazon streaming video service will arrive “early” next year and that it won’t be tied to Prime. If true, it would seriously pull in some new users and tempt folks to try Prime that were previously on the fence. A lot of folks will put up with ads to get free content, and the company already has a large catalog to pull from in Prime.

It’s a good time to be a fan of streaming media, as Amazon’s free service could cause Netflix and Hulu to mix things up a bit. That usually isn’t a bad thing for consumers, and nobody is going to gripe about having more content available across the board.

Would you sit through ads for Amazon’s free video service?

Source: The New York Post

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