Baby Monitor Hack has experts urging users to change their passwords

In what has to be the most disturbing news of the week thus far, unscrupulous individuals are making use of a baby monitor hack that comprises the integrity of home security cams and baby monitors with video.

Today, Britain’s ICO said that a big baby monitor hack was in the works and video was being collected, and posted to the internet from CCTV networks home security cameras and the aforementioned baby monitors. As you’d expect, this is a big deal considering nobody wants a total stranger looking in at their homes or children. The news is made even creepier when you consider if affects thousands of people and the footage is being posted online for all the world to see.

The Information Commissioner’s Office has said a website in Russia is posting the live footage, and they’ve managed to gain long information for countless cameras. They achieved the baby monitor hack due to the fact that a lot of users go with “default” passwords when setting up new equipment in their home. The site currently has a staggering 500 feeds listed from the UK alone.

If you’re feeling safe because you live in the states or elsewhere you’ll want to let this next line sink in. The BBC says the website has close to 500 cameras listed in the United States, 1,500+ in the Netherlands, and over 2,000 in France. The site claims they are trying to “alert” people to security breaches, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that’s clearly not what’s going on. If that is the case by some odd turn of fate, the site should be taken down now as the media can pass the word along.

While word a baby monitor hack will quickly get any parents attention, we must remember that most “connectable” devices can be hacked. If something allows you to see into your home and is hooked into the net, there’s always going to be a chance that someone else can view it as well. Needless to say, it’s time to check or change your password if you’ve got a cam hooked synced up on the web.

Via – BBC News

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