Chromecast updates bring Showtime Anytime and Gaming to the Big Screen

Chromecast Update

When Christmas rolls around, there are bound to be some Android TV boxes under trees this year, and the Chromecast is always an option as well if you’re in the market for something a little cheaper. The streaming apps have been a bit sparse, but that changed today when three “major” Android apps added Chromecast support. They also brought gaming to the big screen…

The three new apps to add Chromecast support are Starz Play, Encore Play, and Showtime Anytime. As with HBO Go, you’ll have to have a subscription to get any use out of them, but it’s well worth a download if you are already subscribed. All three apps have a similar layout that lets you peruse original series and movies, but the Showtime Anytime app also has a “Live TV’ feature that lets you watch whatever is playing currently on Showtime East or West.

In terms of gaming, Google has announced several new games that are compatible with Chromecast as of today. They include Simon Swipe, Wheel of Fortune, Monopoly Dash, Scrabble Blitz, Connect Four Quds, Just Dance Now, Emoji Party, and Big Web Quiz. They chose to go with the “Family” angle, and you’ll now be able to play those titles with your family, friends and foes by using your smartphone or tablet as the controller.

If you had been on the fence about the Chromecast, there’s no time like the present to jump in feet first. We haven’t had a chance to test the gaming aspect of the Chromecast updates yet, but the new streaming additions work as advertised and are great additions to the fold. You can also expect more apps and games to make the Chromecast jump as we get closer to Android TV’s global rollout.


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