Cyber Monday Motorola Deal lists the unlocked Moto X for $359

Cyber Monday

If you didn’t find what you wanted on Black Friday… there’s always Cyber Monday. Motorola is knocking the price down on their 2014 flagship to celebrate the occasion, and you’ll be able to pick up the unlock Moto X at a deep discount.

You have to be careful with those Black Friday sales and Cyber Monday deals, as sometimes you’ll leap before you look. The Moto X will be featured in several sales, but if you didn’t jump the gun on Black Friday the Motorola Cyber Monday sale will give you one unlocked for only $359. That’s for the 16GB edition, if you want the 32GB Moto X you can have it for $409 sans contract.

If you already with a carrier and said carrier happens to be Big Red, you’ll be able to upgrade and get the Moto X for a $0.01. It’s essentially free with a new 2-year deal or upgrade, and if you do pick one up, you can save 30% off on all accessories. As with all good things, there is a bit of a catch to the Moto Cyber Monday sale.

To take advantage of the deals, you’ll have to hit up Motorola’s site at 11AM CT and register for the promotion. Once you receive a discount code in your e-mail (check those spam folders), you’ll have 14 days to tool around with Moto Maker and put together your perfect device. Registration ends on Monday at 5PM CT or while supplies last. We do expect this deal to go quick, so you’ll want to act fast if you plan on picking up the unlocked Moto X for cheap.


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