Destiny For Xbox Review

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Destiny is one of the most hyped games before it was released. Developed by Bungie, which was also responsible for developing the much-loved Halo series, and published by Activision, Destiny was developed over five years after it was first teased last 2009. This year, the trailer was released much to the delight of fans who have been keeping track of the game even before the alpha and beta play keys were released.

The game’s trailer, which features live actors duking it out against alien creatures, was well-received and generated more buzz for the game. A lot of fans even declared how it would redefine the genre of first-person shooting. People also became excited by the promise of raids (where players can cooperate with each other to take down bosses), a player versus player (PVP) mode, and a chance to explore the various alien landscapes via the Sparrow, which is reminiscent of Final Fantasy VII Advent Children’s bikes.

Now that Destiny has moved through its alpha, beta, and eventually commercial release, the big question now is did it manage to deliver and entertain fans who have been waiting for it? Read this review to find out.

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The Premise

The story of Destiny is fairly simple. You are the good (?) guy in charge of protecting Earth’s last city which serves as the last bastion of hope and also mankind’s civilization. Enemies are the standard alien-types from sci-fi movies you have seen. To be honest, the story is one of the weakest aspects of the game because it uses exhausted tropes and the plot can get pretty predictable as the story progresses. You might even say that it’s a letdown from Bungie’s storytelling in the Halo franchise.

Customization galore

The first thing that you will encounter in the game, like any other games with a huge amount of RPG content, is the option to customize your character who will become your avatar in the in-game world. Some have

unleashed their inner obsessive-compulsive selves and have taken their sweetest time to arrange every detail from their character’s head to toe. It also has an array of beautifully-designed hair textures which is a huge (aesthetically speaking) leap from other games.

A living, breathing universe

The developers of Destiny promised that it would be a living universe in which player interactions are part and parcel of the gameplay. The promised landscapes looked surreal and at times, breathtaking. Unfortunately if you are a person who enjoys looking at gleaming and luscious glens, sparkling bodies of water, and lively flora and fauna, you might be disappointed with the alien landscapes of the game which seem to include rocks as one of its core components because almost all things you can see in the game are rock formations (although there are areas which beg to differ).

Subtle equality

While there is the option to choose from three races in the game, you can immediately notice that it does not really affect the gameplay nor does one race have a huge, gaping advantage over another. Instead, the races synergize well with each other which is very evident during quest or even during the raid event. This is neat for players who are looking for a more cooperative first-person shooter that doesn’t rely on camping or the art of bunny hopping. Battling monsters along with other players is fun especially if your group is composed of different classes so that there would be a variety of skills during battle.

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The art of grinding

Grinding is a term in RPG games which means that you will have to spend time replaying content until you become stronger and more buffed for the next level. Doing this is time consuming and really requires the patience of the player but can be very rewarding since you can easily breeze through some of the game’s harder contents if you have grinded enough. In Destiny, grinding comes in the form of collecting loots and rare equipment you can slap on to your weapons and armor to upgrade them and benefit from their buffed defensive and offensive capabilities.

Strolling and landscape viewing

Destiny may have predicted that not all players will engage in combat every time they log in to the game. Fortunately, the game lets you wander and appreciate the art side of the game meaning you could spend your time exploring the vast galactic world in your Sparrow or, if you are the patient type, in your walking boots.

Crucible and Raid

Without a doubt, aside from graphics, the game’s strongest feature is its online content. The crucible is the game’s matchmaking PVP feature while Raid is a cooperative mode where a large (and very difficult) boss must be taken out by a squad (or a group of squads for more ass-kicking action!). These two form the core content of the online side of Destiny.

The Verdict: Should I play it?

Yes! Destiny is a good game no doubt but it has its own dilemma. For one, its story is not that good and could be better. Another thing that is not so great about it is that its levelling system could take time, especially for casual players who don’t have much time to spend in the game. On the other hand, for gamers who are eager to battle online, the game is one of the best Massive Multiplayer Online shooters currently available and is very entertaining to play, especially if you have a good TV or screen back at your home to fully take advantage of its 1080p resolution. Destiny is currently available for next-gen consoles like Xbox One and the Playstation 4.

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