Kickstarter Pick of the Week: PLAYBULB color LED speaker bulb

playbulb color kickstarter

Back in September we told you about a new LED gadget called the PLAYBULB, and now the minds behind the Kickstarter creation are back for another round. Their latest gadget is called the PLAYBULB Color, and it’s bringing a few new tricks to the table.

The PLAYBULB Color is a LED lightbulb that can play music and change colors to boot. It’s similar to a gadget we covered in the past called Pulse by Sengled, but not quite ready for prime time unlike Pulse which you can snag on Amazon. PLAYBULB Color is on Kickstarter, and time is running out if you’re in the market for a Bluetooth bulb with audio.

As with most smart gadgets, the PLAYBULB Color works in conjunction with an Android or iOS app that allows you to adjust the lighting and set the color. You can handle music playback with the app as well, but we’re not sure if it works with other apps like Pandora or if it’s local playback only at this time. Throw in four types of lighting effects, and you’ve just met the PLAYBULB Color.

The PLAYBULB Color has already surpassed its funding goal, and there are 15 days left in the campaign at this time. The bulbs are expected to retail for $89.99 a pop, but you can pick up one for $54 (lowest available tier) while supplies last. As someone whose dealt with this type of gadget before, the speakers “probably” aren’t going to blow you away on these. The Pulse used JBL’s and it made all the difference in the world, so unless they have a high-end speaker, you shouldn’t expect top-notch sound. That being said, they are well worth a look for the price if you’re curious about Bluetooth smartbulbs. If you’re interested in backing the PLAYBULB color, hit up the link below.


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