LG Display working on rollable, bendable and foldable displays

LG Display Roadmap

Amidst all the griping about the Apple iPhone 6 Plus and Bendgate, it looks like one company wants to intentionally make their devices bendable. LG Display has put out a roadmap for the next two years, and you may be a little surprised by some of the products in the pipeline.

We’ve seen a lot of unique designs over the past few years, and some concepts that will simply blow you away. We haven’t seen anything “unique” from LG since they released the LG G Flex, and you could argue that Samsung followed up the Round with the Galaxy Note Edge this year. All that’s going to change in 2015 when we get the “bendable” LG G Flex 2 (we assume) along with a funky new tablet. In 2017, you’ll want to steel yourself for rollable, foldable and automotive displays.

LG has been using its P-OLED tech (plastic OLED) to put a bend on things, and that type of display is already in use on the LG G Flex R although it isn’t flexible. Well, maybe it is but it’s locked in place so we don’t really know without trying to wrench one loose. Another thing we don’t know is how well these types of displays will do in direct sunlight which will be important when used on expensive smartphones and tablets.

If smartphones and tablets are your thing, it’s an exciting time to be into tech. The LG Display roadmap is exciting, but we’re still almost certainly a few years away from seeing anything truly groundbreaking in an affordable commercial product.

What type of tech would you most like to see in your new handset?

LG Display

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