Quirky Converge – Stylish USB Charging Station

Quirky Converge - Stylish USB Charging Station - Featured

The Quirky Converge is a very stylish USB Charging Station for phones and tablets. Its a cool looking stand that provides 4 x USB ports from a single power supply at the rear, and allows you to connect up cables for your devices, through the stand to create an stand for your devices hiding the charging connector.

Quirky Converge - Stylish USB Charging Station - rear connectors

Because it’s just providing USB ports its infinitely upgradeable, you can swap over cables as you change devices. The drawback being that once you have your cables all nicely setup and hidden you’re not going to want to take them out again, so you’ll really need to buy a second cable to keep with you for charging away from the stand.

Quirky Converge - Stylish USB Charging Station - cable access


The charging cables come up through soft TPE grips that hold them securely in place. Width wise the stand can take a tablet and phone, or three phones next to each other, and of course it can also handle accessories like Bluetooth headsets or speakers that also need charging. At £49.99 its not cheap, but if you value your surfaces clutter free, this is an ideal solution!

>> Buy the Quirky Converge from Maplin for £49.99

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