Samsung announces the Project Beyond 3D Camera

Samsung Project Beyond

Samsung is getting into VR in a big way, and the Gear VR will be their first virtual reality headset for the masses when it arrives. We’re still not quite sure when that will be, but today they announced a new 3D camera for the Gear VR with Project Beyond.

Sammy seems to have a thing for mysterious monikers with the rumored Project Zero and now Project Beyond. While Zero is thought to be a revamp of the Galaxy S lineup, Project Beyond is an array of cameras that can capture the world around it in 3D – it also looks like a UFO.

The gadget is made to work with the Samsung Gear VR headset, and the Beyond camera can stream footage directly to it. That means you can stream real-time events and get a glimpse of places in the world you may never have a chance to visit. The Project Beyond camera is portable, and has already been on several jaunts around San Francisco for content.

Samsung didn’t announce when or if the Beyond 3D camera would be available for consumers to purchase, but that created content will be available to Gear VR users immediately. As for the VR headset itself, there’s still no release date although the Gear VR Innovator Edition is expected to launch for developers/early adopters next month.

Via – The Verge

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