The Prynt case can turn your Smartphone into a Mobile Photo Printer


Smartphones have become the main way for folks to capture quick moments on the go, and it’s much simpler than dragging around a separate camera for most of us. Printing has become easier as well, and a new gadget aims to make mobile printing a breeze. It’s called the Prynt case, and it’s a gadget you’ll want to have on your wish list.

A new startup called Prynt has been in the news a lot lately, and for good reason – the Prynt case is simply awesome. The Prynt is actually a case of sorts that slides onto your smartphone and plugs into the bottom of the device for a link. From there you simply need to snap a pic and print, and there’s no wireless connection, so there is no lag. In its current form, the Prynt case can pop out a pic in around 50-seconds, but the consumer version is said to be able to do it in around 30-seconds.

In addition to its awesome printing capabilities, the Prynt mobile printer has another unique features – augmented reality. In a nutshell, the gadget’s app can record a video of what you’re pointing at in the moments before you take a photo, then play it back for anyone who “points” their own Prynt case at the printed photo. It even plays said video within the confines of the printed photo which we have to admit is pretty damned cool.

If you’re itching to get your hands on a Prynt case, you’ll have to scratch that itch a little longer. The company plans on firing up a Kickstarter campaign early next year, so you can’t purchase one at this time unfortunately. That said, the Kickstarter price will be $99 bucks, and that is a small price to pay if the Prynt can deliver 30-second photos on the go.

via – TechCrunch

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