From the Far East: The Xiaomi Mistla Super Mini Car

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The last time we took a look at a gadget from the Far East, we touched on a cheap smartwatch with an odd name. This time we’re going to switch things up in a big way (literally) by taking a look at the Xiaomi Mistla Super Mini car.

We have seen a number of successful Chinese companies arise in the tech sector, and Chinese smartphone manufacturers are slowly starting to spread their products to Europe and the States. Xiaomi is a brand Android aficionados should be familiar with, and a new report suggest they are working on a vehicle called the Xiaomi Mistla Super Mini. Just like their handsets, the price is going to be affordable.

Coming up with a concept for a new vehicle isn’t hard, but actually getting one to market, and into consumers driveways is a different beast altogether – ask Tesla. The company knows a thing or two about trying to make a mark in the automotive industry and they met with Xiaomi officials earlier this year in Bejing. That’s where the Xiaomi Mistla mini car rumors started, and they don’t seem to have died down as we near 2015.

The new report out of China has Xiaomi gearing up to work with an existing auto manufacturer in China to produce an A0 class vehicle. The classification would make the vehicle a “super mini” along the lines of the Toyota Aygo, and the rumor mill has the price listed at around 39,999 Yuan or $6,400. If true, we would assume Android Auto would make an appearance although Xiaomi could have their own OS out by the time a Mistla super mini hits the street.

At this time, the Xiaomi Mistla super mini is just a rumor, but it’s not out of the question to believe the company could roll out a “branded” vehicle in China next year. We see that all the time with manufactures in the states, and a move like that would certainly be a bold one for Xiaomi.

Source: GizChina

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