Kickstarter Pick of the Week: The Hush Smart Earplugs

hush smart earplugs

If you are able to speak or emanate sounds from the hole in your face we call a mouth, you’ve probably been told to “hush” at some point in your life. You have probably also wanted to shut others out. If the latter is your cup of tea, you’ll want to check out our pick for the Kickstarter Pick of the Week with the Hush Smart Earplugs.


There are lots of different ways to drown out background noise, but those old-fashioned earplugs don’t always work. They can be uncomfortable and they certainly aren’t smart. The Hush Smart Earplugs aim to change the way you think about the old earplug by throwing in some tech that brings some interesting features to the table.

The smart aspect of the Hush Smart Earplugs comes courtesy of an app and the wonders of Bluetooth LE. Unlike headphones which can block out some sound due to their nature, the Hush plugs are specifically designed to drown out sound. When coupled with the Hush app, you can play sounds to help you slumber or pound out some binaural beats.


On the flipside, napping can be bad if you oversleep or forget to set a clock. The Hush Smart Earplugs can remedy that with the app as well and its Notification Filter. This allows you to let some alerts or notifications through while blocking the rest out. The app also has a tracking function to help you find your ear buds should you misplace them. In an added dose of cool, the gadget comes with its own carrying case that can charge the hush on the go.

The Hush Smart Earplugs Kickstarter campaign has already reached its funding goal, and you’ve got around 12 days left to pick up a set if you’re interested. The early bird tiers are sold out, but you can snag the Hush, case and a 3-pack of tips for $115 or a two-pack combo for $199. You can hit up the link below if you want to find out more about Hush or show your support.

Hush Smart Earplugs

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